“You’re a miracle,” says family of 9-year-old boy with MS

WASHINGTON — A 9-month-old girl in a coma for two weeks had a miraculous recovery from a rare autoimmune disease that could only be cured with a miracle medication.

Her family says it is heartening to see her parents’ faith in the power of prayer.

Moti’s parents, David and Mary-Ann Smith, are hoping that by giving up some of their possessions to pray, they can show their daughter the strength to continue.

David Smith says they are grateful for the prayers, but that their faith in God’s power will take them closer to her recovery.

“When we see our daughter, she can see, this is the miracle of God,” David Smith said.

“And so we have to put all that behind us.

We have to keep praying.

And that’s what she wants to do.

She wants to be in God and in the Lord and with Him.

She’s not trying to change anything, but we’re going to get to that place.

We’re going through all of that stuff that we can’t even think about.”

Moti, who suffers from MS, is on a ventilator and has not been able to walk for more than two weeks.

But her parents say their prayers have been heard.

David says they have seen a drastic improvement in the girl’s mental state.

“It’s been amazing to see,” he said.

Mori-Moti Smith says it was when her parents began praying that their daughter began to walk.

“We were just so proud of our daughter,” Mary-Anne Smith said about the time she was at the hospital and met with her parents.

“We wanted to show her how much we love her and she was just so grateful.”

The Smiths say they pray a lot, but are not overly religious.

“I’ve said to her, ‘I love you more than I love anything,’ and she’s done that.

She is a beautiful child,” David said.”

I can’t describe it in words.

I just feel so blessed,” Mary Ann said.

A few days after Moti’s first night on the ventilators, her parents drove her from their home in rural Ohio to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

They had no idea the girl had MS.

She had only been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and had never been treated for it before.

The Smiths knew Moti had been diagnosed with MS, but had no way to know for sure.

“She is going to be the same person as before,” David explained.

Mitch’s mom, Joanna, says it took a while for her to get used to her daughter’s unusual behavior.

“The first thing she did was sit in the car and just sit there and wait,” Joanna Smith said, adding that she had never seen her daughter behave like this before.

“And she was doing it for me, for her,” Joanne added.

“She wasn’t hurting me, she was loving me.”

Joanna said she knew it was time to go back to her family, but she said she was more focused on helping Moti than caring for her.

“For me, I’m so proud to have done this for her and for her mom,” Joann said.

In August, Moti was brought to the hospital by a pediatric neurologist, who diagnosed her with MS.

She was placed in an in-patient unit, where she was treated for three months with different treatments.

She eventually recovered and was released.

The family had a hard time adjusting to the loss of their daughter.

But Joanna says they will not let it stop them from being good parents to Moti.

“Moti is a good kid,” Joana said.

Moti has been on a few ventilating machines and now walks with the aid of a wheelchair.

The Smith family is hoping that Moti can continue to walk after she is released from the hospital.

David and Mary Ann are also raising funds for Moti with the help of a GoFundMe page set up to help with the medical costs.

“My heart goes out to her,” David added.

“Hopefully, we’ll find some miracle medication and she’ll be able to move forward.”

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