‘The real reason we don’t have time’: Why women are still having sex outside marriage

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) The real reason women are having sex out of wedlock is that they feel like they can’t be good mothers, says Carol Jansen.

She is one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of women’s reproductive health.

Jansen has spent decades helping women and their partners navigate the complicated world of reproductive rights, as well as the legal system.

It was a journey that started in 1992, when she was working as an assistant professor of family and human services at Rutgers University.

I began teaching at Rutgers when I was 28, and my research was very different from what you might expect from a career in family and family services, which was really geared toward providing services for single mothers and their children.

I was a social worker and a teacher, and when I started teaching, there was no question that I wanted to work with women.

But I was told by the department chair that the university was looking for an expert in family policy, and that it would be a good fit if I came up with a plan to help women.

So I did.

And so that was the beginning of my journey, which has continued ever since.

What I saw was that the problem was not just a lack of resources, but that there was a lack to recognize that women were actually being hurt by that system, that they were being punished for their choices, Jansen said.

And that it was the women who were being penalized for that system.

There is a lot of talk about women’s empowerment and women’s health, and I think that we can’t really talk about it without thinking about the impact of that system on women.

When you look at the impact on women of this law, it’s clear that it has really had a devastating effect on women, she said.

I have a son who is a student and is not eligible for this program because of his father’s age, because he is so young.

He is 18 years old.

He does not qualify for this.

So, that is a real problem.

And it’s a real issue for me because I want to be able to help him succeed, but also I want him to feel that he has a voice.

It has been hard for me to help my daughter be a better person, because the law is very clear that he doesn’t have a voice and the law says, “You cannot make that decision for him.”

It is very simple, but it is also very harsh, and we have to try to do that in a way that is fair and that does not hurt his voice.

The law says that he can not get an abortion if he is in the ninth month of pregnancy.

I think what this law does is say that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, he can’t get an appointment, because if he wants to get an anesthesiologist to do it, it is up to the physician.

And then, the person who makes the decision has to get approval from the state legislature, and then that decision is put in place by the state.

But then, you can’t do it.

And there is no reason why that should be a problem.

If you have an older woman who is going through her ninth month and she is not in the most fertile stage of her life, and she can’t make the decision to go through with an abortion because of her age, she has no right to do this.

And so it’s very easy for me as a parent to understand the frustration that women feel.

I mean, there are a lot more complicated reasons why women have to make decisions than I am willing to go into right now, but this is what we are going to see over the next several years.

It is a difficult conversation to have.

It is a tough conversation for the women in the room to have, because we have so many of them out there and they are being punished.

So, it can be very difficult.

We can talk about how to deal with the stigma and the shame, but the problem is, what is going to happen when we do this and they don’t want to go to the hospital, what will they do when they do have an abortion?

And that is going up the chain of command.

It goes to the doctor.

So the state has got to step up.

The state has to step in and say, “Look, this is a problem we have a responsibility to solve, but what is it you are going do?”

And the doctor has to take responsibility for that, she told me.

Women are going, “Why can’t we have this?

Why are you not going to help me?”

The doctor has got a responsibility as well, because she is going, if I say I am going to do something, I will not go to a hospital. I

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