Sarnia: What you need to know about the Sarnian-Saskatchewan area’s new coronavirus testing center

Sarn, Ont., has been in the news lately, with the coronaviruses.

The city and surrounding areas have been in lockdown and people have been ordered to remain home.

There has been an outbreak in the city, with coronaviral cases in Sarn’s Downtown area having exceeded 200.

Sarn is located on the west side of Sarn Lake, a lake on the northern shore of the Athabasca River.

Sarn’s health authority says it will begin testing residents in Sartell, where a large number of coronavirots have been reported in the last several weeks.

Residents of Sartells three-storey high-rise apartment building were placed on a 24-hour “bio-homes” lockdown Wednesday, the city’s health department said in a release.

Residents were asked to stay at home until their test results are available, and to wear face masks during their tests.

“Our goal is to be able to do a safe and effective test,” Health Minister Steven Blaney said.

“We are taking all measures that we can to make sure everyone is protected.”

The centre is scheduled to open Friday, with residents expected to arrive by 10 a.m.

They will be allowed to bring in a personal kit and be tested at their own home.

Sartell residents will be given two samples for each test, according to the city.

The first is sent to a lab in Regina, while the second is sent via mail to the nearest coronavillavirus lab.

The results are then sent to the Sartelli Health Centre in Regina.

Sartelli is a suburb of Saskatoon, Saskatoon’s second largest city.

Residents of the nearby communities of Whitehorse and Sherwood Forest were also placed on 24-hours lockdown Wednesday as the province of Saskatchewan ordered them to remain indoors.

Those residents were ordered to stay home until the tests are complete.

“Saskatoon residents are in no way permitted to leave their homes, except for medical emergencies or necessary personal protective equipment,” Health Department spokesman Paul Fonseca said in an email.

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