Bronchiolis and diabetes? A study finds it’s not so simple

A new study from the University of Illinois, Chicago finds that a recent spike in the number of bronchial infections in the U.S. may have something to do with a decrease in the use of certain therapies to treat diabetes.

The study found that when the researchers looked at data from more than 8,000 people in the state of Illinois and asked them whether they had had a flare-up of a respiratory disease since 2010, they found that a lot of people reported not having any symptoms.

The researchers also found that those with higher levels of insulin use reported a decrease as well.

“There was no evidence of a direct relationship between diabetes and increased prevalence of bronchiectasis and/or diabetes,” said lead author Shana Bremner.

“Instead, we found that the prevalence of diabetes and the frequency of exacerbations were associated with the prevalence and frequency of bronchoalveolar lavage,” which is when the nasal passages are filled with fluid and blood, which can lead to increased inflammation and infection.

The results of the study are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The study also looked at the prevalence in the general population of people with diabetes, as well as those with diabetes who did not have symptoms, and found that people with high levels of inflammation were more likely to have a flare up.

According to the study, it was the people with higher insulin use who were more than twice as likely to report having a flareup as those without symptoms.

“Our study shows that if you have asthma, your symptoms are likely to be worse than if you are not allergic to asthma,” said Dr. Tasha Shuman, who co-authored the study with her husband, Dr. David Shuman.

“You should be concerned about how you treat your asthma.”

The authors say the number and severity of flare-ups were similar in both groups, and the findings could help to determine if certain treatments should be added to patients with high inflammation.

They also say there is evidence to suggest that people who have asthma may be more likely than those without asthma to develop bronchitis, which could lead to exacerbations.

Dr. Shuman said the results were important, and that if they are replicated in other studies, they may be a sign of the growing popularity of a treatment called bronchodilator inhalation therapy (BHAT), which is a nasal spray that is used to relieve inflammation.

BHAT has been shown to be more effective than other treatments, and is currently the most commonly prescribed asthma medication in the United States, according to the American College of Physicians.

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