Why this bill could have been signed into law sooner: New Jersey governor

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie’s proposed new state law to overhaul the state’s health care system could have easily been signed earlier this year.

But Christie’s legislative priorities over the past few months have been shifting, and now the state could be on the verge of being forced to act.

Christie’s proposed health care overhaul, which would provide for more comprehensive, state-run health care for all residents, has been pushed through the state Legislature for more than a year, and is set to go before the state Assembly on Monday.

The legislation would replace the current system of public health insurance for most residents with a state-funded health care program.

The plan has attracted bipartisan support, but it has also drawn the ire of some members of Christie’s own party.

The governor has long been opposed to a single-payer system, saying it would have a negative effect on New Jersey’s economy and threaten jobs.

In an interview with NJ Advance Media, Christie acknowledged the bill could not have been passed before this year, but he insisted the state would move forward regardless.

“This is something we’ve been talking about for a long time,” he said.

“It’s a matter of priorities.

It’s a priority that’s been a priority of our governor.

And the priorities are always moving.”

But the governor said the legislation was still important, and said that as a Republican governor, he is always prepared to do things that benefit the state.

I don’t have to compromise to get things done, he said, noting that he has made the state one of the most affordable places in the country for employers.

“We’ve got to get back to that.”

While Christie is no longer pushing for a single payer plan, he has repeatedly spoken out against it, saying the system does not provide adequate benefits and is not cost-effective.

He has also voiced opposition to a provision in the legislation that would require insurers to cover all medical procedures and devices, including the insertion of new stem cells, which is currently allowed.

Under the proposed law, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services would have the authority to make certain health care services available to residents, including preventive care, to help ensure the health of residents.

That includes coverage of new treatments and devices for people with certain chronic diseases and conditions, such as cancer.

New Jersey’s health officials have been working on the bill since the end of the 2016 legislative session, and have said it would provide the best health care possible for New Jersey residents, as well as other states that have struggled with high health care costs.

While the proposal has not received the support of some lawmakers, Christie said the state is ready to move forward.

The new legislation would also include new benefits for people who have been uninsured for more years than they are currently insured. “

I think we should do it.”

The new legislation would also include new benefits for people who have been uninsured for more years than they are currently insured.

Currently, New Jersey is one of only four states that require people with pre-existing conditions to have coverage before being eligible for benefits.

It would also expand coverage to those with certain medical conditions, and provide free preventive care and other services to those who have a pre-conceived medical condition.

Those changes would provide health insurance to people who are at-risk for the onset of certain conditions, but the legislation does not explicitly cover those conditions.

As governor, Christie has also pushed for expanded access to Medicaid, the state-sponsored health care insurance program for low-income people.

He said the program should be expanded because it provides more coverage for the poor and sick.

The bill would also increase funding for community health centers, which provide health care to low-wage workers.

He has also proposed expanding funding for cancer research, which has long lagged behind other states in funding, and has also called for expanded coverage for people living with preterm birth or who have serious pre-term birth complications.

And he has sought to expand health coverage to more people who live in poverty, saying he would not tolerate any form of discrimination against those living in low-paying jobs.

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