When a chest massage doesn’t work: Cpt. Chris Noth said he’d be happy to give back to the community

On MSNBC Tuesday, Noth was asked by host Rachel Maddow about the number of patients who are being treated by local doctors for chest pain.

He said he would do that if he was elected.

“If you can get me a little chest massage, that would be a good thing,” he said.

“I would do it.

I would do the same thing for the other patients.”

But Maddow pressed him on whether he would be happy for his colleagues to give chest treatments back to patients.

“You’re saying you want to give the patient back?”

Maddow asked.

“Yeah, of course I would,” Noth responded.

“And it would be beneficial for everybody,” Maddow said.

“I’m not asking you to do it,” Numb said.

He continued to ask Maddow whether he wanted to give treatment to his colleagues.

“It would be good for me,” Nigh said.

Maddow pushed him on it, asking, “Why would you want that?”

Noth continued to press.

“Because it would make it easier to keep the doctors on the payroll and the money coming in,” Nuth said.

When Maddow brought up Nigh’s previous comments about the practice of using acupuncture to treat chest pain, Nigh told Maddow that he had been doing it for years.

“He was saying, ‘We don’t have any problems with the people in this room.

You’re right.

It’s just we don’t like the way the medicine works,'” Maddow told Nigh.

Nigh added that he was doing the chest massage because he wanted his colleagues’ attention, and not because he was trying to treat his colleagues or make money.

“So if they do it, they’ll get more attention,” Nith said.

Noth said that he would also do it to people who are not doing well with the care they’re receiving at the local hospital.

“We’ll do it for them,” Niths said.

But Maddo pressed him about whether that meant that he’d do it just for the people who weren’t getting the treatment they wanted.

“For me, it’s a part of my job,” Nth said.

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