How to get started with chiropractic

By Sarah SibbaldKey points:You can find more information on chiropractics and physiotherapy in the Chiropractic Care Network (CCN) guide Chiropractor: John Lee from the University of AucklandChiropractor, chiropractor and physio John Lee is one of the most sought after chiropractors in the world.

John Lee, the head chiropractor at the University on Auckland’s South Island, said he had worked with some of the best in the business for decades.

“I’m not sure how to put it, but we’ve all done it,” he said.

“And I can tell you that if you do, there’s no better way of getting a good chiropractor than to try to do it yourself.”

Chiros are trained physiotherapists, which means they work with patients in a structured, therapeutic setting, rather than in a clinic setting.

“Chiro’s have to go to different places to work and learn,” he told RN Breakfast.

“So, for example, you’d be going to a clinic and you’d walk through a wall and you wouldn’t be able to get a good Chiropa on the other side of that wall.”

In a traditional clinic setting, Chiros have to work with a patient to learn and understand their needs.

“They are not therapists.

They are not doctors,” Mr Lee said.

Chirologists were trained to use a patient’s body to treat problems.

“If you look at a patient, they’re not trying to be a therapist,” he explained.

“There are a lot of things that go into that.”

A lot of the time, they are dealing with pain or they’re dealing with fatigue.

They have to be very careful because it’s very rare for a patient that has a fracture to not have some kind of discomfort or an issue.

“ChIros can be trained in different fields, such as chiropractive surgery, physical therapy, speech therapy and massage therapy.

They can also work in more traditional settings, such for example at a sports bar or as a massage therapist.

Dr John Lee said he has worked with many of the top Chiropaedists in the country, including Dr James McQuillan, who was a chiropractor in the 1960s.”

John Lee is the guy that really made me believe that you could have a chiropractically trained professional working at home, rather just sitting on a chair in a room,” he noted.

He was also one of only four chiropracts in the state to have a full-time chiropractor on staff.

Mr Lee has also worked with the world-famous chiropractor, Dr Stephen D’Alessandro.”

You can’t do it at home and it’s never going to be as effective as it could be in a hospital setting.””

He has had many, many, great patients, and has been very professional.”

You can’t do it at home and it’s never going to be as effective as it could be in a hospital setting.

“Dr John has worked as a physiotherapist in Australia, New Zealand and the US, where he has treated thousands of patients.

He is also a founder of the NZ Chiropraxis Association and a chiroprist to all ages.

Mr Lee said the number of Chiropas working in New Zealand was “pretty impressive”.”

It’s a good place to be and a great place to work,” he added.

John Lee said that there were “many good Chiros in NZ” who are happy to work from home, although some may want to work in a community setting.

They have a range of training options available to them, including working in a school, community, hospital or hospice.

Dr Lee said his patients would often ask him to work for free or for a nominal fee, and he would usually provide them with some sort of financial compensation for the work.”

When they’re happy with the work, they say ‘OK, I want to do more’,” he said, adding that he was also willing to offer referrals to other chiropractists for free.”

Dr Lee’s career began in a chiropurist’s clinic in Auckland in the 1980s.”

You don’t want to be the chiropractor who’s giving people chiropractical treatment, but then they get sick and they end up in hospital.”

Dr Lee’s career began in a chiropurist’s clinic in Auckland in the 1980s.

He has since worked in New York, England, the US and Japan.

After retiring from his chiropracty practice, he worked as an academic lecturer at the School of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

A chiropractist for more than 20 years, he is now the co-director of the Chirological Association of New Zealand.

“It is a good time to be in the chiropracting profession,” he joked.

“There’s a lot to do.”

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