Bronchiolosis – A look at the latest research

A new study finds that a person with bronchitis could be able to stop getting pneumonia, even if they are on antibiotics, and it could have a major impact on the health of those who are sick.

Read more:Researchers from the Netherlands believe that when people have bronchial asthma, their immune systems are overactive and make it hard for them to fight infection.

The condition causes coughing, wheezing and a loss of airway control, and in some cases, pneumonia.

Bronchioliosis is an infection that occurs when the immune system becomes overactive.

The virus spreads from the airways of one person to another, which can lead to pneumonia, broncho-oedema and other health problems.

Branching out: What to know about broncholiosisWhat causes bronchioditis?

Bronchioliasis is an inflammation of the bronchus, a small airway and digestive tract.

It is often triggered by coughing, which is also associated with bronchiectasis.

In most cases, this can be controlled by medications such as steroids, but in rare cases, it can be managed by immunotherapy.

However, the disease is rarely cured with medication.

Bioprocessing and immunotherapy are effective at treating the disease.

However the treatment has drawbacks, such as increased risk of infection and the need for frequent injections of antibiotics, which may also exacerbate the disease, and they can be expensive.

In addition, the body can adapt to the infection and become more sensitive to antibiotics.

In a study, researchers from the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, analysed data from more than 40,000 patients with broncheitis who had been on antibiotics for at least six months.

Researchers found that about 40% of those with broncho-oedsia could stop coughing, and up to 70% of them could stop getting bronchospasm, a condition that causes an intense cough that can cause pneumonia.

The study, published in the European Journal of Rheumatology, was carried out in collaboration with the Dutch Department of Health and Social Affairs, and the Dutch National Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases (NRCIID).

Professor David van Leeuwen, from the Department of Epidemiology at the University’s Rotterdam Centre for Health Promotion and Research, who led the study, said: “The results are significant and really support the idea that the immunotherapy could be used to stop the progression of the disease.”

He said the study looked at whether the treatment was effective in stopping the spread of the infection to the lungs.

“This is important because we know that the spread is most likely to occur when the virus has been in the airway for some time and the lungs are under intense pressure,” he said.

“When we look at these results, we see that when they stop coughing and wheezings, the number of people who can’t cough and wheeze drops significantly.”

The study involved patients with a diagnosis of bronchilitis and their doctors.

In addition, it included a total of 1,834 people who had received the immunotherapeutic treatment but had not started taking antibiotics.

The researchers found that people who stopped coughing and who had started taking the immuno-medicine were more likely to have fewer bronchoscopy episodes, fewer wheezes and fewer pneumonia episodes.

However there were differences in the effectiveness of the treatment across different groups.

People who started the immunosuppressant treatment had a reduced risk of getting pneumonia in their lungs, and were less likely to cough and sneeze, and to have more wheezed and wheedles.

Those who stopped taking the treatment had more bronchic episodes, which were significantly more common among those who had stopped taking antibiotics and who were more prone to wheez.

This was particularly true in people who were older, who were also more likely than younger people to have the disease or who were smokers.

Professor van Leeusen said the findings were encouraging and could lead to more effective therapies.

“We know that when you have bronchiectionasis and an overactive immune system, you can’t prevent the disease from progressing,” he explained.

“What we’re doing is trying to increase the number and severity of the diseases that you can prevent with immunotherapy.”

Professor van Leuwen said the team’s next step would be to see if the treatment is safe and effective in people with older patients.

“The treatment will probably have to be more targeted to older people, because it’s more likely that they will have a worse response to immunotherapy,” he told Al Jazeera.

“But the evidence that we have so far is very promising.”

For more information about bronchiectomy, see our news story.

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