When to see a chiropractor

Carrington chiropractor’s advice: ‘Don’t ask’ article New guidelines released by the National Chiropractic Association (NCA) advise against asking doctors about chiropractic treatment, saying they can “distort” the doctor’s opinion.

The guidelines say it is important to consult with your doctor before any procedure or diagnosis is made.

“Physicians can distort the diagnosis by suggesting a different treatment for the condition.

For example, chiropractors may recommend that patients should be given an injection of adrenaline to relieve their anxiety or depression, while in reality it may be better for the patient to have a regular checkup and receive a treatment to improve their physical and mental health,” the guidelines said.”

In some cases, chiropractor care may require that patients take an injection as part of the treatment, which can cause discomfort and may result in an increase in anxiety and depression.”

Chiropractors should also be careful not to make a diagnosis that they do not fully understand, the guidelines say.

The NCA has published a draft of the guidelines which was released Monday, in advance of the National Meeting of Chiropractor Associations (NMCAs) which is being held on Tuesday.

The draft, which will be finalised on Thursday, says doctors should not be required to disclose information about chiropractor treatment that is not appropriate for the chiropractor.

“We believe the doctor should be able to make an informed decision about chiropreatic treatment based on a patient’s individual circumstances, the quality of treatment, and the likelihood that a specific chiropractor will be able provide a safe, effective, and timely and appropriate care,” the draft said.

Chirosa is the latest medical practice to make public guidelines on chiropracting and the NCA said its members were encouraged to read the guidelines.

The American Chiropry Association (ACA) has also released guidelines on how chiropractics should be run.

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