UK’s ‘No-Hospital’ Program for Patients in Nursing Homes Gets Its Start in Kentish Town

KENTISH, Thailand — A nurse’s home has opened in the heart of the British capital, where a new kind of care is helping to change the lives of tens of thousands of people who have fled war-torn areas of eastern Ukraine.

The Home for Nursing Home Patients (HONP) will be run in the northern city of Korumburro, which has seen some of the worst violence since the country’s conflict ended in 2014.

The facility is one of a handful of such centers in Britain, with thousands of residents in some of its most remote locations.

HONP will help them with health and medical care, including in nursing homes.

Korumburg residents can now seek care from the facility, which will serve as a home for nursing home patients who have no other option for treatment.

The project, dubbed “No-hospital” in an effort to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in Britain’s care system, will open its doors for the first time in a town with an old history of war.

“It’s very important that we start this with a positive message,” said Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a member of the HONL staff and an expert on the health effects of conflict.

“It’s also a good time to show that there’s an alternative to the traditional approach of waiting around for a nurse’s call to be made.

It’s a chance to really do something about it.”

The Home, which opened on Oct. 15, will serve more than 2,000 residents, including some who are unable to leave the home due to the conflict.

The new facility will include a hospital-like ward with a central reception, a pharmacy, a library, a recreation center and a library of about 300 books.

The facilities will also have a pharmacy for patients who need to be hospitalized.

Home for Nursing Homes in the UK is the first in Britain to be managed by an NGO, but the idea has been around for years.

The concept has been embraced by other countries, including Australia, where Home for Nurses will serve about 100 residents who need urgent medical care.

“We think this is a way to demonstrate that the concept of ‘No Hospital’ is alive and well,” said Michael Glyn, the director of the charity Home for Nurse Homes in Australia.

“This is a positive first step.”

In an interview with CNNMoney, Tarnampolsky said that as a nurse, he felt overwhelmed by the number and variety of cases he had to handle.

“There’s a great deal of stigma attached to this concept, but this is actually a positive step,” he said.

“People want to be helped in ways they wouldn’t be able to be, and this is the way to do it.”

The Home for nursing homes in the U.K. is the latest in a long line of facilities that have opened in Britain as a result of a new government push to address the health crisis.

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