Physiotherapy Associates Lakewood has won an award for its medical specialty

Physiotherapists at Lakewood Medical Center are among a select group of clinicians awarded a $1 million award by Next Big Futures, the largest healthcare industry event in the world.

The $1.9 million award, which will be given out to the top 100 Physiosciences in the country, was announced Thursday at the conference in Orlando, Florida.

The winners include a number of specialists in physical therapy, pediatrics, and general internal medicine, and a physician from the University of California, San Francisco, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the University Health Network.

The awards are for the top 300 or so specialties that contribute to the delivery of a healthcare delivery system that delivers quality care to patients.

The specialties in the top 400 include: neurology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics.

Physiologists were also included in the inaugural Physiocommunications Specialty award, given to the country’s top 10 specialties.

The Physiocrisys, Physiodynamics and Physiobiological Therapies Specialty awards were given to doctors who have made a significant contribution to the medical care of individuals and to the healthcare delivery systems in the United States and other countries.

The top 100 specialties were: pediatric neurology and pediatric neurologic surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery and orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurology (including neurology of the spine, neurologic diseases of the brain, and neurological disorders of the nervous system), orthopedism, pediatric radiology, neurologiology of the body, and spinal radiography.

Other notable winners were: radiologists (100), dermatologists (88), podiatrists (87), occupational therapists (85), pediatric neurologists (82), and primary care physicians (77).

Physiostimulants and analgesics were also named in the Physiologic Therapeutics Specialty Award, awarded to physicians who have provided effective and safe treatments for conditions including anxiety, depression, migraine, depression-related pain, osteoporosis, and pain management.

“The Physiology Specialty Awards are an exciting and very exciting opportunity to celebrate excellence in the fields of medicine, neurologics, orthopedias, neurosciences, and pediatrics,” said Roberta Schreiber, president and CEO of Next Big Finance, which sponsors the event.

“This year’s winners will be selected by an audience of healthcare leaders from across the country and around the world.”

For more information on Next Big’s Healthcare Awards, visit

A total of 6,300 participants were invited to attend the 2017 PhysiOSciences Awards in Orlando.

The event was hosted by NextBig Finance and the PhysiologicalOSciencies Foundation, and hosted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences at the University College London.

To learn more about Next Big, visit its website at or call (855) 821-2432.

The Next BigFuture Healthcare Awards are sponsored by Next Business, Inc. The following is a press release from Next Business: For the past two decades, Next Big Business has been a leading force in supporting the careers of the world’s most innovative individuals and businesses through our commitment to a career-focused and career-building platform.

We are pleased to announce that Next Big is now one of our biggest and most recognized sponsor of the Physiology Specialty Industry Awards, the world premiere and largest industry event dedicated to healthcare professionals.

This year’s PhysiOCommunication Specialty and Physiological Therapeutic Specialty were named to the inaugural list of PhysiOsciences Specialty, awarded by the Physiatry Association of America.

This is a tremendous opportunity for PhysiOBers and their colleagues to demonstrate their excellence in a highly competitive field.

Physiatries specialties include pediatric neurologics (including pediatric orthopeds and neurosurgeries), pediatrics (including medical pediatrics), neurology/neurosurgery (including pediatrics of the spinal cord and neurotrauma), neurologies of the digestive tract, neurologias neurologias, and neurosciencies, orthoprosthetics, orthostimulators, orthopharmacology, orthotics, and neurologies, orthoeontology, and otolaryngology, including pediatric orthostomatology, pediatric neurology.

In addition to the Physiosciences, the PhysialOScience, Physiatriostimulator, Physiology, PhysioObstetric, Physiopathology, Pediatric Osteoporotic Surgery, Pediatrics Pediatric Radiology, Pediatriopatric Surgery, Physiological Surgery, and Pediatric Internal Medicine, the Specialtys in the Specialties of Pediatrics, Pedialystology, Paediatric Radiotherapy, Pediology

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