‘I had to quit for two months’ as my condition worsened

I was admitted to a hospital in New Delhi with severe chest pain, nausea and vomiting and was told that I had to go to a rehabilitation centre.

It was only after my discharge from hospital that I learnt that I was suffering from acute myeloid leukaemia, which is not uncommon in the city.

It took me a few days to find my way out of the hospital.

I was treated at home and discharged a few weeks later.

The only problem is that I have now started feeling worse.

My heart is beating a lot and my blood pressure is rising.

I don’t have a lot of time to enjoy my leisure.

When I return to work, I am told that my heart rate is too high.

How can I do that when I’m going to be in bed for the next two months?

I was initially discharged from hospital on October 1.

But, the following day, I was transferred to a different hospital, and within a week, I had returned to my old ward.

I have a very bad cough and it was very painful.

I got up every morning and went to the clinic for blood tests.

I started to feel a lot better.

But I am still not able to walk or stand on my own.

The doctors said that my symptoms have been getting worse and that I should get treatment.

But the hospital is not equipped to treat such a condition, so I am stuck.

I do not know how to get back to my work.

I feel so trapped.

I would like to know how I am going to find employment again after leaving hospital.

What should I do now?

My father works in a shop in the nearby city of Rohtak and has been working in the same business for a few years.

He used to work at the same shop, but was unable to find another job after I was discharged from the hospital, he told me.

I am now in the process of applying for a job with a company in Delhi.

I will have to find out if I am eligible.

My parents, who are both retired from the same industry, are also not happy with the state of the health system in the country.

I also want to know what the next steps will be.

Is it possible to get a job if I can’t walk or run on my feet?

I am also worried about my health.

The health ministry recently told me that the National Health Mission (NHM) would be launching a campaign in India this year, aimed at encouraging people to get involved in healthcare and to contribute to its development.

The campaign will aim to raise awareness about the health care system and encourage people to donate their time and talents to it.

If the NHM gets its way, it will also help reduce the number of patients with chronic conditions, which has become a burden on the government.

I hope that we can overcome this challenge.

I have been working at a factory for the past six years and am not getting paid.

I earn around Rs 1,500 per month.

I work from home, but I am not allowed to go out in public.

I go to the doctor once a week to get checked up.

The doctor told me to work on the weekends because of the work I have to do.

I had been working there for three months, but my condition has not improved.

I did not get a diagnosis until I went back to the hospital on December 2.

The day after I got discharged, I started feeling a lot worse and it is not safe for me to go outside.

I haven’t been able to take a shower, even if it was cold.

I cannot leave my house without getting my coat and underwear checked.

If I go out, I will be charged for every step I take.

I am now working at the factory in Delhi for Rs 50 a day, which means I cannot get any rest.

I miss my friends and family.

I used to have a girlfriend and a family, but she is now gone.

I only see my parents when I go back home, which happens once a month or twice a week.

My brother-in-law, who is also working there, has also been struggling with chronic lung diseases.

He has lost almost all of his strength, but he does not want to leave the factory.

I fear for my health because I am afraid that I will lose my job.

I want to work and have a good life, but the doctor told us to wait for the NHNM to launch the campaign in the hope that it will help us get a good job.

My son-in, who has a wife and three children, has recently got married and is now going back to school.

But my wife, too, is struggling with lung disease.

I still cannot get out of bed and my wife cannot take care of her family and the children.

I do not want my son- in-law to be unable to work because of his illness

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