How to build a new career in physiotherapy

The key to becoming a physiotherapist is to become passionate about it and not let the profession become your life, says physiotherapist Andrew Maddison.

“My dad is an engineer so I’m really a technical person.

I’m a physiotherapy person.

So when he said, ‘If you’re passionate about this profession you should start practising physiotherapy’, I just had to take it.”

I’ve never been into anything where it was not a passion.

It’s a passion for the profession and it’s a very tough profession and I’ve had to learn to manage the pressures that come with it.

I’ve done that and I’m just really excited about the future.

“When you’re working with someone who has a passion, it gives you a lot of energy to get it done.”

The biggest challenges for physiotherapeutic assistants in the future will be the availability of physiotherapy schools and the growing number of students wanting to learn.

“We’ve had a big increase in students who want to go into physiotherapy.

It used to be about 20 per cent.

It will continue to grow because of the availability and demand,” Mr Maddison said.”

As you get more students into the profession, the demand will increase as well.”

The profession is becoming more popular in the last few years, and that’s the main reason we have more students wanting in.

“It’s a great time to be a physioanalytic assistant and I know we’re going to continue to get more applications.”

That’s why we’re seeing an increase in demand, because it’s the ideal profession for people who are looking for a change of career.

“Natasha O’Brien is a freelance journalist based in Melbourne.

Find her on Twitter: @natashaforth

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