Doctors say new treatment for chronic pain could help save thousands of lives

Doctors say a new type of therapy that uses a substance called glycolic acid has been found to help treat chronic pain.

Dr. William DeAngelis, director of the Center for Pain Management at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, told CNN the substance could potentially help more than one million people.

It’s been shown in the literature, he said, to be a safe and effective pain reliever and could be very beneficial for people with multiple chronic pain conditions.

The drug is also very safe, he added.

The medication, called glycerol, is used in many medical treatments.

It is not available in the U.S. because of the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of it.

DeAngeli said there is no reason why the U in Minnesota cannot find a patient to take this medication.

“We’re in a bit of a biter situation right now, but there’s a possibility that this could be the breakthrough that’s needed in the United States,” DeAngeles said.

DeAngelis said the drug has been studied and approved by the FDA.

The new medication is called glycocic acid.

It comes from glycerin, which is the same ingredient in coconut oil, but is extracted into glyceride and purified, he explained.

“I’m not sure what else they’re going to use it for, but I don’t see it being used in a commercial setting,” DeBonis said.

Glycerol has a chemical structure that resembles coconut oil and is used to produce a chemical that helps the body convert sugar into fat, he continued.

Glycerol is used by patients who have metabolic disorders, chronic pain, heart disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS and other conditions.

Dr DeAngelias told CNN that in general, glycero-acid is more effective than other treatments, like the standard type of steroid medication, the ACE inhibitors.

Glycerol has been shown to be more effective for treating chronic pain than a number of other drugs, but it is not a replacement for conventional treatments, DeAngelos said.

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