Why is it so difficult to find a physiotherapy appointment?

The latest advice for finding a physiotherapist at Adelaide University has been revealed.

The university’s medical student body has voted on the issue with some members of the medical and allied health sciences community saying they would like to see the appointment system changed.

“I think there’s some things that need to be addressed in terms of the system,” Dr Michael Clements said.

Dr Clements has a passion for physiotherapy and said it would be a shame if there were no appointment for people with a medical condition. “

There are a lot more people now who might find themselves in this situation, so it’s important that there’s more people coming through.”

Dr Clements has a passion for physiotherapy and said it would be a shame if there were no appointment for people with a medical condition.

“We don’t know if it’s something that’s a medical issue, or if it is a physical one,” he said.

“We need to find out what’s the best way of dealing with that.”

Dr Michael and Dr Coyle said there were some common issues that could arise with patients who might be in the situation they were in.

“It can be a bit overwhelming for people, particularly in an emergency situation,” Dr Coles said.

“We can be quite emotional about things, but we need to talk to our patients and understand what they’re experiencing.”

He said it was a complex issue that needed to be sorted out.

“If people are going to be seeing a physiopath or a physiobiologist, we need a way to find them, get them in to a position to get an appointment, then hopefully make it work for them,” Dr Loesch said.

Dr Clements hopes to see more appointments made on a regular basis, and said that it was important to find alternative methods of care.

“That can help people in that situation, and we can also help people who are in situations where they might not be able to go in and have an appointment,” he explained.

“They need to know they’re getting a care provider and they’re not going to get another person to go to the appointment.”

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