Which of the two is right?

A new study finds that both anaesthetic treatments are equally effective in treating trauma, but the newer one is best for treating pain.

The research, published in the journal Psychological Medicine, also found that anaesthetic-induced pain is more likely to worsen over time, as well as be more severe in the short term.

But the study was limited by its limited sample size, and its reliance on self-reporting.

It has yet to be replicated, and so is not yet conclusive.

The researchers conducted an observational study in which people were given either a placebo or a standard anaesthetic treatment, but were told they would have to wear a mask.

They were then asked how often they experienced pain during the two treatments.

“One of the key findings was that the anaesthetic was associated with less pain over time than the standard treatment, which could be due to the mask reducing the amount of discomfort the subject experienced during the anaesthesia,” lead author Dr Mark Tabor from Flinders University’s Institute of Physiology and Pharmacology (IPMP) told New Scientist.

“The mask did not reduce pain, however, we found that pain was still much worse in the treatment group, even after accounting for the mask.”

Our study also revealed that there were no significant differences in pain intensity between the treatments.

“Dr Tabor and colleagues recruited 22 healthy volunteers who had never experienced trauma, and used a computer-based questionnaire to assess pain, depression and anxiety.”

We found that the mask did little to reduce pain in this group, and in fact increased pain, with a maximum score of 37.5, compared with 37.0 in the control group,” Dr Tabor said.”

So this is good news for those suffering from trauma, particularly those suffering the most severe forms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

“While the mask may be effective in reducing pain for some, we need to be cautious about it as it does not address the underlying cause of the pain, and can worsen or even worsen with prolonged use.”

What’s more, the mask could also exacerbate pain if patients don’t wear a protective mask.

“The mask may mask a person’s symptoms of pain,” Dr Smedley said.

“That is because pain is a continuous signal of injury to the body.”

In addition, if a person wears a mask to reduce the pain that they are experiencing, the person may be inadvertently increasing their own risk of injury and death.

“Dr Smedleys research has found that wearing a mask could increase the risk of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and he said the mask might even be a cause of PTSD.”

There are a lot of potential negative consequences to wearing a protective helmet, and it is important to be aware of that,” he said.

This is not the first study to examine the mask’s effects on pain.

Earlier this year, Dr Smeets from the University of Glasgow found that mask use increased the severity of pain, as patients wore the mask for longer periods of time.

This could be linked to mask use, which can make people feel more vulnerable to pain.”

It is important that we learn more about mask use and how it can have long-term effects on the body,” Dr Jodie McAllister, an anaesthesiologist at the University Hospitals of South Wales, said.

A mask may also mask the pain caused by trauma.”

Pain can often feel worse after a trauma, especially for patients with long-standing symptoms of trauma,” Dr McAllisters told New Sceptre.”

If we do not have a good way of measuring the pain from a mask we may have to use a mask which is not always safe or comfortable.

“For example, if we are wearing a respirator and someone cuts into the skin on our chest, we may feel the mask increase our risk of respiratory infections.”

Dr McAlliers study was published in Frontiers in Pain.

It is published in advance of the full journal’s print edition.

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