When the new NFL season kicks off: Physiotherapy will play a key role in your football team

Physiotherapists will be a big part of your team, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL is launching its annual medical evaluation season, and the league is looking to the future with the upcoming draft and the 2018 season.

Goodell said during an interview with CBS Sports that the league’s evaluation process is evolving with the coming of the new season.

The first phase of the evaluation, called the “Medical Letter of Intent,” will begin on June 10 and will involve medical evaluations, physical exams and testing of players.

“It will be very extensive,” Goodell said, adding that there will be about 25 medical professionals involved.

“The vast majority of those doctors, the majority of the doctors are going to be physiotherapies.”

The next step will be the “Patient Evaluation,” which will be conducted by a panel of three experts, including a physical therapist, a doctor and a psychologist.

During the evaluation phase, players can also be tested on a range of health and injury-related issues.

If a player is deemed at risk for injury, that player may be released.

The league also has the option to offer a compensation package, which includes $50,000 for the first-time player who successfully completes the evaluation and a $50-per-week minimum salary.

It also has a maximum salary cap of $150 million.

The 2018 draft is expected to be a pivotal event in the evaluation process.

Goodell’s comments came on the heels of the release of a survey by the NFL Players Association which showed that 60 percent of NFL players feel the league doesn’t pay enough to keep its best players healthy.

The survey also found that more than half of the players surveyed felt that the NFL should change the salary cap.

The salary cap has never been lower.

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