The geelong physiotherapy job market: what you need to know

Geelong’s booming medical and dental sector is set to see a dramatic increase in demand in the coming years, with the City of Geelong set to be a major centre for recruitment.

A number of high-profile medical and dentistry employers have already announced plans to expand their workforce.

Geelong Hospital has announced it will add up to 4,000 jobs, while St Vincent’s Health has announced plans for up to 2,000 additional medical and dentist positions.

A key factor in attracting these medical and Dentistry jobs is the Geelong Medical and Dental Council’s (MCD) recruitment plan, which is set out in its latest recruitment guide.

The guide, which was published on Wednesday, outlines the recruitment opportunities in the city for both medical and DSC positions.

“Geelong’s growing medical and veterinary sector is highly competitive,” said the MCD recruitment manager, John Tummin, who also works for a number of other major employers in Geelong.

“It is vital that we have a strong and well-resourced medical and DHCS workforce, and we are determined to provide the resources to support them.”

This is why we are investing in the health and dental care system with a focus on delivering the best care possible.

“What to expect in the next three yearsGeelong is set for a major boost in medical and medical DSC jobs.

Photo: ABC News The MCD website describes the Medical and Dentist vacancy pool as a “large pool of skilled medical and scientific professionals who have experience in an area such as radiotherapy, dental surgery, orthopaedic surgery, podiatry and podiatrist”.”

It also includes a growing pool of qualified dental and dental assistants, dentists, nurses, medical technologists, social workers, and physiotherapists”, the guide continues.”

As the number of people entering the Medical DSC pool continues to grow, we are also planning to invest in further training for the medical and surgical staff in our medical and clinical units.

“We are also looking at recruiting further medical and health care staff for our dental and oral health clinics in 2018.”

Geelong medical and pharmaceutical operations chief executive and former chief medical officer Dr Greg Broughton said the current medical and public health workforce needed to be bolstered.

“In terms of medical DSc roles, there’s a strong shortage of qualified people in the industry,” Dr Broughson said.

“If we’re not getting the right people, we’re in trouble.”

Geoffrey Gough, general manager of Geels medical and oral services, said he hoped to attract more people to the Geels dental and health services.

“I think it’s really important that people know what they can expect in terms of the work they get and the job they can be part of,” he said.’

The key is to have people that know how to do it’Geelong residents who have been in the dental and orthopodic industries for more than 20 years are not alone in the Geel’s medical and pharmacological sector.

“There’s an awful lot of people who’ve been involved with the medical sector for decades and that’s one of the biggest hurdles for people to get into the industry, because they’re not necessarily qualified,” Dr Gough said.

Geelong Mayor Linda Burney said it was vital that the medical DCS workforce was bolstered.

“We need to diversify the workforce to meet our changing needs,” she said.

She said it would be a “good thing to have more qualified people working in the area and to have a better understanding of the dental sector, especially in the more rural parts of Geel”.

“We have to have as many people as possible, because the key is not to have someone who’s never worked in a dental office or a medical office before,” she added.

“The key for us is to find the right person to be part in that and be able to do the job.”

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