Physiotherapy results

Physiotherapists are looking for a new job after a string of heart attacks that left doctors unable to save their lives.

The number of heart deaths in Scotland has risen to more than 600 a week in the last three years, and the Scottish Government is now looking to recruit physiotherapist to work in its emergency departments.

“It is vital that we are able to quickly and effectively identify patients with cardiac problems that require urgent intervention,” Dr Andrew Macleod from the Scottish Ambulance Service said.

“We know that the best way to reduce the risk of further cardiac events is to ensure that everyone in our emergency department has access to an effective and timely treatment plan.”

Physiotherapy is the term for physical therapy to treat patients’ heart problems.

It involves moving a patient’s heart and muscle tissue to help the heart beat properly.

“Pelvic floor or other methods of treatment are not always available to those in Scotland, which is why it is important that our emergency departments are staffed by physiotherapeutic specialists to provide care and support to our patients,” Dr Macleood said.

“Physiotherapeutics are a unique approach to addressing a number of serious but treatable conditions in the UK.”

The number and severity of heart problems have increased dramatically in Scotland over the past five years, but despite improvements, Scotland remains a very low risk nation.

The Scottish Government estimates the cost of heart disease and stroke is £13 billion a year, but it is not clear how much that includes the cost for the cost-cutting that led to the introduction of the new funding formula.

In 2018-19, the average life expectancy for people in Scotland was 77.5 years, compared to the average in England of 83.4 years.

The average Scottish life expectancy is now 78.1 years.

There is also a high incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our current policy of prioritising heart health over all other health services is failing us, particularly in Scotland,” Dr Peter Burt, Scottish Health Minister, said.

“We are working closely with the Health Protection Agency to develop a more efficient and effective approach to funding health services, including cardiac rehabilitation, that can meet the growing demand for specialist physiotherapy in our NHS.”

The Scottish government is committed to continuing to build a sustainable system of health services and is committed and prepared to help develop this approach to help keep the health of our people safe.””

Scotland remains a high-risk nation.

As such, we will continue to work with the health authorities in Scotland to make sure we are supporting the right people and not harming their health.

“”We have to find a solution for all the problems we have in our hospitals, and we are working hard to find that solution.

The Scottish Health and Social Care Information Centre (SHACCIC) has launched a website for people to ask questions about the funding formula and the new Scottish Government policy, and to report any issues.

For more information about the new policy, visit

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