Grandview physio, Kaitlyn Schott and the rise of the ‘blessed’

Kaitlin Schott is a physical therapist, but she also practices some spiritual practices and meditation.

Schott is the director of Grandview’s Nativity and the Birth of Jesus, and is also a member of the International Center for the Creation of a Christ-Centered World.

I talked to Schott about her faith and spiritual journey while we sat down for a conversation.

I don’t know how I’m going to reconcile this, I’ve been reading the bible all my life, and I’m like, Oh my God, I’m a Christian and I want to be a pastor and I feel like I have this calling.

I’m not a Christian.

I’m not part of a religion.

I don’t have a specific spiritual path.

I believe in being a good human being, I believe God has given me the ability to be compassionate.

But I also think it’s a responsibility to be kind to people.

And I also feel like in the Bible there’s a lot of compassion for people who are in pain.

So when I started reading the book, I started thinking, Oh, this is really cool.

I want the book.

And when I read the Bible, I want Jesus, but I also want to see a different way of looking at it.

I also thought, Oh yeah, I need to write this book.

So, I did.

And after a year and a half, it’s not a story of a person in pain, but of Jesus.

I wrote this book for my own journey, and it’s about a person who’s going to be called to be part of the world.

I think people are looking at the Bible and seeing Jesus as a way to look at people, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But the problem with the Bible is, it says a lot about our relationship with God.

And there’s only so much you can say about a particular individual.

So I wanted to show people what Jesus is, what his purpose is, and how we can live out the promises of the Bible.

What do you want people to take away from this book?

It’s an exploration of how we are going to live out God’s love and his grace, so it’s kind of a story that people will take away.

People will be looking at this book with an understanding of who God is and how God is going to call us, and then they’re going to ask, ‘What do I do to be good?’

And that’s what it’s all about.

It’s a way of being compassionate to people in pain and a way for us to show our love.

And it’s just really important that people can feel that.

Because if we don’t feel compassionate to someone, then we can’t love them, we can not heal them, and we can never see the light.

We can never be part to making people a better person.

So it’s really important for people to understand that God wants us to love others, and that’s why He’s so good to us.

That’s so awesome.

What kind of people would you want to hear this book if they wanted to learn more about the life of Jesus?

People will hear that book, and they’ll go, Oh wow, that’s really interesting.

And then they’ll look at a lot more books and they will go, I don.

I have no idea.

I would not be interested in reading this book, but maybe they’ll hear some other book.

That might be good.

People are going, Well, what would they be interested to hear about?

People are really curious about it.

What’s the message behind it?

I would love to talk to someone who’s just reading this who has been in a similar situation and what’s the experience that made them want to read the book?

I’m a physical therapy patient, so I was wondering what kind of person would read this book and what was it like?

I don.

It was really therapeutic.

I’ve actually read a lot that have had a lot to do with people who have experienced something like this.

I was reading a book a couple of years ago, and you had a person’s arms going up in the air, and their hands were moving up and down, and someone’s head was spinning.

That was really healing.

I wanted to know how people would respond to the book because I’m interested in understanding how people experience their experiences.

I wanted people to know that I’ve read books, I know people have had physical therapy, and the experience of being in a physical situation, being physically treated, it is a very, very serious thing.

I mean, I had this really serious spinal cord injury, and my doctor was like, You’re going in for two months of surgery, but it’s OK.

And you can come back.

And it’s great.

I had to learn how to do that.

So you’re able to walk, and to sit, and things

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